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LifeStory Contacts List

Email Updates to

Name Email Home Phone# Company Name Comments/Notes
Henry Sukendro 360-883-3372 ABC Technologies Ex-LifeStory'ers: Check out to find out opportunities for you. Email me your resume.
Mercy Tuluri 503-579-9190    
John Johnson   DecisionPoint Applications  
Rachel Koteles 503-735-1184 MedicaLogic We are hiring for all sorts of positions so send your Resume.
MTK (M T Krishnan) 503-684-8530 Unknown. Shall let you know when done.  
Russ Francis 503-652-9334 Achieve Clackamas Income Tax - 655-3838 - I will always be able to be reached through the tax office (unless we go to a flat tax :-))
Ben Moore   Achieve, for the time being. I'm always looking for a good technical writing opportunity, and always looking to help others - email if you need help.
Kamal Aggarwal 503-885-0350 ATSI  
Mark Langley-Williams 503-533-4882 Achieve  
Marolyn Heeb 503-631-8011 Achieve  
Shane Potter 503-829-9560    
Dan Ryan 727-781-2774    
Hugo Ehret 970-586-4856   Henry: Here is my information. Thanks for developing the website!!